Hypnotherapie - Thérapie de Régression 

Régression Vies Antérieures

Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy

KATHY GIBBONS BSc Psy (Hons) Dip Psy (Hon) Dip RTh

Hypnothérapeute - Thérapeute en Régression

Past life Regression Therapist - Hypnotherapist

Témoinages - Testamonials

Continuez d'apportez à tous vos patients ce que j'ai reçu grâce à vous.

Violaine, mars 2015

Vous faites un travail extraordinaire et je n'ai pas de mots pour vous remercier d'avoir contribué à mon bien être. Suzanne, Paris 2015

Depuis la séance, je me sens libérée de certains poids" lourds"!

Sophie, Paris 

Je suis tres satisfait du travail avec vous et cela m'a enlever de nombreuses couches d'angoisse dans le ventre.

Erick, Paris

Life makes more sense after a session. It helps unlocking emotional loops one might not be aware of at first. It has taken me through exciting, or even unexpected life stories and patterns. And there is always a happy end, as one embarks on a healing path. The most important to me is that this process helps us to be freer, happier and better people.

Chrystelle, Paris

Thank you for all your invaluable help with the regression sessions, I came to trust you implicitly and felt safe in your hands. Any further problems, I will be back and I would recommend you to others with problems.

Mary, Dublin

In the time since I have had the regression I have noticed how things that I have experienced over the last two years tie in with the information I received. A lot of little things are beginning to make more sense now.

Thanks again for the experience. It has been most beneficial to me.

Joan, Dublin

My past life regression session with you was the best investment I have ever made, I can feel the blocks that hampered me in my life lifting with each session I have. Thank you! Melissa, Dublin

The session I had by Skype was amazing, the results of it were the same as if I had been in your therapy room. If anyone else is thinking of doing this life-changing work with Kathy, my advice is to just do it! 

Laura, Seattle US